This Is Why You Need to Have a Website on Top of Your Facebook Shop

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Opening shop on Facebook in the form of a page has seen some businesses resolve to not having official websites. For a platform with billions of people, many sellers find it senseless to lead people out of Facebook in the name of redirecting them to their official website. For that reason, so many businesses are languishing in profits thanks to Facebook. This fact brings out an important fact in e-commerce, but there are dangers to it. Some of the reason why you should not only rely on your Facebook page for business are;

  • You can be blocked at any time for any reason

Remember that Facebook is giving you a free platform or space for that matter to open your shop. This means that it is in full control of your shop and can decide to shut it down. When your only shop has been shut down, then you are in a lot of trouble because you will have to plead to have it back. To make it worse, you never know if you will ever get back your shop. In short, you have lost everything at ones.

  • It does not show professionalism

A Facebook page alone is not enough to sell your agenda. When you are out to sell products or services, having a personal website helps to portray you as a professional. Note that your site does not necessarily have to be an e-commerce website. It can just be a referral point where someone can find you if they are unable to locate you on Facebook.

  • Not everybody is on Facebook

Some people prefer the old fashioned way of loading their shopping carts on your website. You have to provide options if you want to be rated as a serious seller doing business. Owning a website gives your customers options satisfying their shopping reference. This increases your funnel size for customers who are searching to buy your products.

  • Facebook is a good source of traffic for your website

You7 might want to take advantage of your Facebook page to direct traffic to your site. To make this as simple as possible, you need to make sure that your e-commerce website is as responsive as possible. It should be able to load easily on various devices. The moment buyers realize that your website takes too long to load, they immediately go for another seller


Although Facebook can be the perfect place to open shop, you do need your own platform that does not limit you whatsoever. This way, you are accessible in more than one channel hence loyal customers can easily reach you in case of anything.