Impact of Facebook on e-commerce

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E-commerce is taking over thanks to the fact that businesses prefer selling their products and services directly to customers through their websites. With businesses competing for a market, Facebook has risen to be one of the most important players in the world of e-commerce. With billions of users around the globe using this social media platform, approximately 20% are looking for something to buy. This is why almost every business is rushing to secure the top spot on Facebook. Some of the advantages Facebook have brought to the world of e-commerce are;

  • The rise of other companies to promote sales

Since Facebook allows you to own a business page, it is only fair if you can integrate your page and your website to maximize sales. This fact has led to the rise of several App companies like Shopify. This way, businesses can easily promote and sell their products on Facebook while leading the traffic to their website.

  • Improved marketing

So many businesses are today advertising their products on Facebook. That is why there are even options to boost your post to reach out to more audience. Compared to the old marketing methods, Facebook is topping the list because of the billion users and the fact that almost everybody in the world has access to it. This simplifies the whole work of attracting people to your business and convincing them to buy.

  • Job creation

Running a Facebook page is not easy if you lack the knowledge and skills. The world of e-commerce is today full of hired digital marketers and agencies that help businesses reach out to prospective customers. The reason why e-commerce website see this as an important thing to do is because they understand that only a professional can create and maintain a good relationship with customers online.

  • Favorable competition

We all know that as much as a business can be so popular and have so many followers on Facebook might not exactly mean that it is the best. There is very tight competition in e-commerce with new businesses coming up every day. Since both new and old businesses all use Facebook to market, the competition is narrowed down to product quality.


E-commerce greatly depends on Facebook for its survival. If you want to prove this, look for any e-commerce website that does not have a Facebook page. You are most likely to find none. The only thing that needs to be done as far as Facebook and e-commerce is concerned is to have a unique Facebook marketing strategy for your brand.

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